Corporate Law

Taj provides a full range of corporate law services from complex advisory services related to major business life events (including advising in restructuring and M&A processes) through to general secretarial services.

Corporate and Securities Law

Managing a business today is complex. Leaders need guidance on a broad range of activities including business start-up requirements, trading activities of an entity, expansion efforts, dissolving or unwinding of a business as well as general questions arising from day-to-day operational activities. Taj’s services include advice in relation to:

  • Formation and dissolving of entities (whether profit or non-profit  and branches)
  • Secretarial advisory services
  • Governing and managing bodies
  • Shareholders’ conflicts
  • Securities issuance, including share capital increase
  • Stock market transactions
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Securities law
  • Corporate litigation

Taj lawyers work with other Deloitte Legal and Deloitte Tax professionals to give clients cohesive guidance based on their individual and unique circumstances. Deloitte specialists can also provide consulting, accounting, and financial advisory services. Deloitte has deep experience across a wide range of industries and sectors and jurisdictions.


In an environment of increased transparency, failure to comply with corporate governance rules and guidelines can have a direct and material impact from a legal and reputational perspective. This is particularly true for listed, regulated and financial entities where compliance breaches may have a negative long-term impact on the success of the business. Taj focusses on each client’s risks and needs regarding:

  • Managing organization legal structure, composition and regulations
  • Prevention of director liability issues
  • Codes of conduct and best practices
  • Monitoring system and rules (committees, reporting obligations)
  • Core sector reporting requirements
  • Board remuneration policies

Taj professionals work closely with their colleagues around the world to help companies manage risks and remain compliant with their corporate reporting and other obligations. Taj lawyers have strong foundations in the business community which they serve which can be a valuable asset when cross border complexities arise.


In an increasingly competitive market, success requires an efficient corporate structure aimed at minimizing costs and optimizing profits. Taj lawyers can advise on the design and selection of a suitable corporate structure for a business, as well as assist with the execution of a variety of corporate restructuring activities including:

  • Change of corporate form
  • National and cross-border mergers
  • Spin-offs
  • Closing down or liquidation of companies
  • Contributions in cash or in kind, restoration of the net equity
  • Assignment of domestic and global assets and liabilities
  • Debt for equity swaps
  • Cross-border transfer of registered office
  • Establishment abroad

Taj lawyers work with other Deloitte Legal and Deloitte Tax professionals to give clients cohesive guidance based on their individual and unique circumstances. Deloitte specialists can also provide consulting, accounting, and financial advisory services.


For company business to operate efficiently and as intended while avoiding gridlock within the corporate structure, shareholder relations need to be carefully and proactively managed. Shareholder agreements regulating the primary rights, obligations and interactions between shareholders are essential instruments for preventing and managing potential conflicts that may arise.

Taj lawyers assist companies with negotiation and execution of shareholder agreements relating to:

  • The regulation and structure of governing and managing bodies
  • Resolutions subject to qualified majority
  • Control restrictions on the transfer of shares/Exit strategy
  • Dividend policies
  • Deadlock clauses
  • Non-compete and business transition provisions

Taj lawyers have experience with and understands the nature of shareholder relationships in different types of entities. Additionally, we bring industry knowledge that enables us to help companies understand and address sector specific issues. These qualities enable us to adapt our approach to suit the needs of individual organizations.


The proliferation of conflicts within the framework of family owned companies has resulted in a wide range of civil and corporate issues affecting privately owned business. Taj offers services in this area include assistance with:

  • Negotiation and implementation of family protocols, including representations and warranties
  • Working and other ad hoc service contracts for family members
  • Dividends and other compensation formulas and policies
  • Share transfer regimes

Taj lawyers work with other Deloitte Legal and Deloitte Tax professionals to provide well-rounded solutions to business challenges. Deloitte specialists can also provide consulting, accounting, and financial advisory services in multiple jurisdictions. Deloitte tailors his approach to the industry and the circumstances of individual families and their businesses.

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