Intellectual Property Rights

Including registration, protection, defense and IT projects and contracts.

Globalization, continually changing legal regulations and technological advancements have increased the complexity of business operations. As a result, legal and compliance risks in the area of intellectual property (IP) rights need to be even more diligently managed than ever before.

Taj assists businesses and individuals with the handling of all IP related matters, in particular the management and defense of their intellectual property: copyrights, designs, models, trademarks, know-how, inventions and trade secrets, the drafting of license agreements and representation before authorities together with legal assistance in IT projects and contracts, as well as in Internet, ecommerce and media convergence matters. Additionally, Taj provides IP right protection services either in court or in alternative dispute resolution forums.

Taj combines a broad and deep base of knowledge and experience in local legislation with global reach and capabilities to provide cross-jurisdiction legal advice to businesses.

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