Tax Planning and Corporate Strategy Think Tank

In 2009, we came to the conclusion that there was an obvious need for a place of exchange on France’s tax environment. To make up for it, we launched a space for dialogue and collective thinking on major national, European and international tax issues: the Tax Planning and Corporate Strategy Think Tank.

Adapting rapidly to tax changes and, above all, thinking ahead is a key competitive edge for companies.

Based on this understanding, Taj decided to create a tax planning and corporate strategy think tank.

The creation of this corporate tax and strategy think tank fulfills a twofold objective:

  • Connect lawyers and economists’ expertise, in order to lead a renewed thinking on tax policies
  • Share in-depth strategic analysis of our changing tax environment and act as an interlocutor for institutions and competent regulatory authorities.

A blog and a think tank

Going beyond the platform, we have expanded our approach in an annual place for debate in order to make possible a dialogue between experts, academics, members of the administration and business leaders, in order to provide useful guidelines and recommendations to help clarify French and European regulators’ decision-making, regarding key tax issues.

So was born the Cercle de Prospective Fiscale, with the intend to share comments, testimonies, guidelines on day-to-day tax challenges, whether they concern the relevance of a specific tax or the main tax issues for the coming years. The Cercle de Prospective Fiscale has grown to become an essential event on major tax challenges.

Since 2010, seven discussion sessions have been organized. These sessions covered diverse topics such as:

French Income Tax Withholding: Are you Ready?

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