Eric Lesprit

Partner, Eric Lesprit is specialized in international tax, particularly in the fields of transfer pricing and double taxation elimination procedures (advanced pricing agreements and mutual agreements).


Eric has more than 15 years’ experience in transfer pricing and international tax. Since 1998, Eric Lesprit worked for the French Tax Administration regarding companies and individuals international taxation issues. There, he took part in the creation of the Advance Pricing Agreement program in France in 1999, before heading it. From 2003 to 2006, he was technical adviser for the IMF in Washington D.C. for public revenues (taxes and customs duties). Since 2013, he was also in charge of mutual agreements procedures regarding double taxation elimination. As part of his missions, he was the French administration representative for competent authority procedures with foreign countries, especially those involving transfer pricing. He was involved for several years in OECD and EU works. He took part in the legislative drafting process regarding tax fraud fighting and tax control policy as well as the management of tax information exchanges and guiding of the French audit directions network. At the international level, he intervened in the definition of French positions during the European Community and OECD working sessions, especially regarding the fight against tax havens and the negotiation of tax information exchange with non-cooperative territories. In 2015, Eric joined the Transfer Pricing department of Taj as Partner. He takes part in securing risks related to international taxation in general and transfer pricing in particular.

+33 1 40 88 86 75

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