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Our Profession is Unique

Taj, member of the 1st worldwide network in tax advice, is a firm with a strong financial culture.

Our aim: serving companies’ economic growth and competitiveness throughout our legal and tax practice.

Passion and balance, dynamism and fulfilment… working at Taj is each day a highly rewarding professional adventure. This adventure, we all share it and build it day-to-day.

Given its confidential nature and the small number of actors on our market, our profession is by nature unknown to the public. To discover it, you have to practice it.

Our profession is unique and offers the best in law practice and advisory activity. In this way, we offer services beyond just consultation by taking into account our clients’ environments and issues.

By facing our clients' specific needs we assist them in their decision-making: as a true partner, we provide them with the necessary tools and tailored solutions.


Team Spirit

Our profession is on one side a trust-based relationship with our clients, a careful listening of their questionings, and on the other side, developing tailored and reliable solutions with the firm's specialized teams.

Each of us gives his very best to develop the most satisfying solution for the client.


We all have in common passion for what we do.

It is a wonderful driving force and also a great privilege.

Winning Mindset

Our innovative strength and our creativity do not come as responses to the growing complexity of our legal and economic environment.

The dynamic generated by the diversity, the sharing and comparing of our experiences enables each of us to lead his way to the solution.


Our professionals are young experts, very dynamic, who understand the evolutions of our clients and the market, and help us always be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.


The quality of a firm is reflected by that of its recruitment.

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